About Chester Cathedral

History Of The Chester Cathedral:


Under the control of the Legio XX Valeria Victrix , the cathedral was devoted to St. Paul and St. Peter before the declination of the Romans.
It was a catholic cathedral, until in 1902 A.D., the cathedral was Hugh Lupus, the Earl of Chester, and it became a benedictine Abbey. Thus, it was ultimately handed down to the Church of England; it was rebuilt in 1250 A.D. with a Gothic architecture that is still present in Modern Day.



Chester Cathedral in Modern Day:

The Cathedral is still a part of the Church of England and still host ceremonies every week including Mass on Saturday and Sunday. You can attend many different events that are held at the Chester Cathedral including Chior, fundraising for charity, concerts and orchestra practice. The Cathedral also has a cafe and a gift shop which also offers customers the choice of buying their products online.
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