About Chester


A brief history of Chester

Chester is small city located in Cheshire, A northwest english country that borders Wales. Population of approx. 80,000, Chester is a city within walls, originally built as a defensive barrier in 70-80 A.D by the romans when they established a fortress referred to as the “Deva Victrix”. The fortress was later abondoned in 410 A.D to the retreatment of the Romans, however, the wall remains. The walls around the city stretches to 1.8 miles, the majority of it is still standing to this day and is an exquisite attraction to tourists.
There is a consistent theme of victorian architecture within the city, demonstrated mostly with the black-and-white buildings scattered around Chester.
The construction and expansion of city roads, canals and railways began during the industrial era and all methods of transport in Chester are still available and highly efficient.